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Carafe has expanded from just coffee to offering wine, cocktails, charcuterie boards, and more!  Thursday and Friday nights, Carafe becomes a wine and cocktail bar serving chef-created small bites with our host server providing intimate knowledge about wine pairings as well as craft cocktails. 

Two Great Experiences

Coffee by Day.
Wine & Cocktails at Night. 

At Carafe, offering exceptional espresso, quality, locally roasted coffee, hand-selected wine, and craft cocktails.

Enjoy a latte or sip on an espresso in our comfortable seating area or explore the Community Garden grounds for a relaxing, soothing experience only matched by the flavorful options. Treat yourself to an Affogato, espresso poured over gelato, sourced locally from Dolce Neve for a delectable drink. 

Along with hot tea, iced tea, and a myriad of other drink options, Carafe is a destination to relax, start your day off right or spend your workday. 

Carafe offers a truly unique dining experience that combines multiple courses served with exquisite attention to detail. Indulge in delectable charcuterie boards and savor the flavors of carefully curated wine flights.


Set in an intimate space, Carafe creates the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and quality time with your loved ones. Embrace the unhurried pace and fully immerse yourself in the Carafe experience, because you deserve this exceptional culinary journey. Currently, the Carafe Wine & Cocktail Experience is being booked for private events only. 

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Work With Perks at

Shared Office Space

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Need a space to work? Carafe offers a Community Office shared workspace program with the perks of an office and the spacious environment of Community Gardens. 

  • Free Drip Coffee or Iced Tea

  • Access to Premium High-Speed Wi-Fi

  • Ability to Use Two Conference Rooms

  • Color Printer and Copier

  • Discounts on Food and Drinks at Carafe

  • Discounts at other Community Garden Shops

Daily, weekly, or monthly membership options are available. Reserve your spot today!

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Satisfy Your Appetite with Our Freshly Baked Goods, Ice Cream & More!


Carafe offers a variety of food options prepared in-house or sourced locally. 

Enjoy a cookie or muffin baked in-house or treat yourself to the finest gelato available in the Austin area. We will soon be offering grab-and-go options including our charcuterie board to-go that we call "Carafeables". 

We now offer Blue Bell Ice Cream in a variety of flavors!

Follow us online to see what delectable treats and options are available from other local bakeries and businesses. 

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